Printed leather handbags

So I’m sure you have all been seeing lots of printed bags in the market lately and you may or may not have seen our Facebook post on Wednesday. Chanel, Prada, Roberto Cavali, D&G, Kate Spade and many more have been putting everything from water colors, faces, abstract shapes and conversational patterns on their bags and accessories this season.

We at Wink & Winn have been working hard on our own print collections. The first challenge was deciding how we would apply the print to the leather, and make it stick there! We experimented with a few different techniques with different suppliers and eventually found a great printer that would be willing to do custom digital prints on a non MOQ (minimum order quantity) basis. The next hurdle was coming up with the actual designs and patterns that we were going to offer. Our goal has always been to allow customers the ultimate in flexibility and customization, letting the user decide what is right and what is perfect for them. This got us thinking if we should allow customers to upload their own photos or images to apply to their handbag, in a similar way that does for t-shirts and tech cases, or create seasonal collections to choose from. In the end we settled on the latter, mostly because technically it is easier for us to do. We do however want to explore how we can start building towards the first option. We aren’t ready to launch this feature yet and are still tweaking the details to make it perfect before it goes public, but will be sure to let you know when it is!

What do you think about prints on bags? Do you think that this is a trend that will stay strong for seasons to come?


Floral concept

Fish concept

Daniele P – Designer